• #32 Wood #32 Wood

    #32 Wood

    STRAIGHTER, EASIER CUTTINGManufactured with a heavier gauge (.032") flexible carbon steel material DESIGNED FOR CONTOUR CUTTING OF WOODPerfect for furniture manufacturing operations Looking for a...

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  • Armor RX+ Armor RX+

    Armor RX+

    AlTiN COATING FOR PRODUCTIVITY AND LONG BLADE LIFEAluminum, Titanium, and Nitrogen combine to form a coating that is hard and tough, protecting each tooth from heat and wear with an armor-like...

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  • Cast Master

    Cast Master

    EXCEPTIONAL BLADE LIFE IN HAND FED FOUNDRY APPLICATIONSSub-micron grade carbide designed for cutting aluminum and non-ferrous partsPrecision grind on the rake face prevents material build up on the...

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  • Cast Master XL

    Cast Master XL

    LONG BLADE LIFE AT HIGH BAND SPEEDSSpecial grade of carbide is designed to wear slowly when cutting aluminumMulti-chip tooth pattern balances the chip load and reduces cutting forcesNext generation...

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  • Contestor GT

    Contestor GT

    STRAIGHTER CUTS ON LARGER, DIFFICULT TO CUT MATERIALSUnique gullet design for increased beam strength OPTIMUM CHIP FORMATION IN WORK HARDENING ALLOYSPrecision ground teeth—smoother tooth face...

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  • Contestor XL Contestor XL

    Contestor XL

    INCREASED WEAR RESISTANCE DELIVERS LONGER BLADE LIFENew HSS edge wire increases tooth hardness for better abrasive wear resistancePatent pending chip controlling design reduces heat and...

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  • DieMaster 2 DieMaster 2

    DieMaster 2

    FASTER CUTTING WITH M-42 HIGH SPEED STEEL TOOTH EDGERuns at twice the speed of carbon blades for faster, easier cutting LONGER BLADE LIFELasts 10 times longer than carbon blades FOR GENERAL PURPOSE...

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  • Flex Back Flex Back

    Flex Back

    EXCELLENT FATIGUE LIFEDesigned to cut a wide variety of materialsFlexible carbon steel is very durable even at high band speeds—up to15,000 feet (4,500 meters) per minute DESIGNED FOR USE ON...

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  • Lenox Classic Lenox Classic

    Lenox Classic

    DESIGNED FOR LONG LIFE IN GENERAL PURPOSE CUTTING APPLICATIONSPatented TUFF TOOTH™ design reduces tooth strippage M-42 high speed steel edge for excellent heat and wear resistance Lenox...

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  • Lenox Classic Pro Lenox Classic Pro

    Lenox Classic Pro

    EXCEPTIONAL BLADE LIFEProprietary backing steel preparation increases fatigue life and minimizes band breaksRobust M42 high speed steel edge provides superior heat and wear resistanceEXTREMELY...

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  • Lenox HRc

    Lenox HRc

    HIGH QUALITY, MICRO-GRAINED CARBIDEOutstanding durability STRONG TOOTH DESIGNSuperior edge strength and strip resistance NEW HIGH PERFORMANCE BACKING STEELExcellent fatigue life REPLACES ABRASIVE...

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  • Lenox Max CT

    Lenox Max CT

    EXCEPTIONAL BLADE LIFEMulti-chip tooth pattern balances the chip load and reduces cutting forcesNext generation welding technology prevents premature tooth loss FASTER, STRAIGHTER CUTSAggressive...

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